Read about this innovative product for long-term plant watering made easy! Watch the video and be amazed!

Rechargable Solid Water crystals are made of cross-linked co-polymer and neutralized acrylic. When these crystals are introduced to water, they expand and absorb, creating a gel like substance.

The Rechargable Solid Water bags take up to 10 minutes to charge and can release water into the soil for up to 30 days. Rechargable Solid Water bags are biodegradable and can be used for indoor or outdoor vegetation.

Rechargable Solid Water can also be used as a time released nutrient, releasing directly to the root system by adding the desired nutrient into the water when charging. The Rechargable Solid Water system also recharges itself with rainfall or regular watering. This keeps the water supply near the root system and reduces the frequency of watering.

Rechargable Solid Water saves water, saves time, saves the environment and saves your wallet!

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Place a bag of Rechargeable Solid Water crystals in your plant potDig a whole into the plant soil
Place the correct size of Rechargeable Solid Water crystal bag into the hole you have just dug.The Rechargeable Solid Water crystals will give moisture to your plant for a long period of time.
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