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Our doors include a steel door, pre-hung and pre-adjusted on a steel frame, and its hard-to-beat 5-point locking system. A 5-point locking system is a deadbolt on the top and bottom, plus 3 points along the front edge embedded into the steel frame. If a door is going to give during a break-and-enter, the weakest spot is usually the door jam. No one is likely to kick in a door with a steel frame and 5 pressure points to absorb the shock! A great way to encourage criminals to try to find an easier target and move on!


Our doors are available in 3 thicknesses, 3 widths, 2 heights and of course can be ordered either left or right handed. An in-swing or out-swing can also be accommodated and last but not least, side panels and double doors are also available.

Door thumb
  • Thickness: The 3 thicknesses available are 70mm or 2 ¾” (recommended for 2'x 4' construction), 90mm or 3 ½” (recommended for 2'x 6' construction), and 110mm or 4 ¼” for thicker applications. Keep in mind that the thicker the door, the more the R-value will also increase.
  • Width: The 3 widths are 860mm or 34” rough opening, 900mm or 36” rough opening, and 950mm or 38” rough opening. The widths for the doors with side panel are 1200mm or 48” rough opening, and the width of the double door is 1500 or 60” rough opening.
  • Height: The 2 heights are 1970mm or 78” rough opening and 2050mm or 81” rough opining.
  • Handed doors: When you order your doors make sure you remember to indicate if they are Left or Right handed. This is determined by what side of door the handle is mounted on when standing on the outside of the door entering into your dwelling.
  • In-Swing or Out-Swing: OTB door will always be ordered as an In-swing door unless you let us know that you need an Out-swing door for a demo-door or specific application. 

A Steel Frame

Yes, our doors are steel frame, not aluminum or wood. This of course adds to the security. This frame is also designed for easy installation. The installer will just straighten and square everything up, shim it where needed, and put in the six screws or lag-bolts. Then cap off the access holes once you are happy with the placement of the door (the caps are supplied). Another great feature of the steel frame is that you will notice that the inside is already finished for you. The interior casing/moulding is part of the frame, which means no interior moulding to match up to “it’s part of the frame and looks great”. All the installer has to do is to finish the outside of the door framing to match the rest of the house or complex. This means your customer can install this in good time with the beauty that everyone will want creating more demand. 

The Hardware

The hinges used on OTB steel doors are heavy-duty European style hinges. These hinges allow you to adjust the door if for some reason the foundation or frame it is mounted in shifts or moves.  The doors are mounted with up to five hinges depending on the door thickness and size ordered. This adds even further to the security of the door. All the hinges and hardware come with a one-year factory warranty.

The door handle is a leaver style handle and with most standard models will come with a very handy keyhole light. Just click the button on the inside of the leaver and the LED light is more than enough to help you find your key into the lock-hole. Also the handle comes with the door, so there’s no extra cost for hardware. All that your customers have to do is put the handle together and tighten the screws that hold the halves together. This is the only thing you have to.

The lock hardware for these doors is a 5-point locking system. They are pre-adjusted and ready for use once the handle is assembles. Up to 8 keys come for each door, depending on the lock hardware that comes with your door. 

And there’s more! Along with the all of the hardware already mentioned, each door comes standard with a peephole and doorbell! The doorbell runs on batteries that are easy to replace.

The join of the door and the jam is staggered three times with weather stripping between each layer of the door increasing the insulation factor of the doors, keeping wind and cold outside where it belongs. That’s three layers of weather stripping!

The Finish

Our decorative steel security doors have a beautiful woodgrain finish that is UV protected and has a 2-year limited factory warranty.

What else? At the trade and home shows, both retailers and the general public had the same reaction. They can’t believe they are a steel door and when they see the elevated level of security and the price, the next question is…Where can I get one? We looked for a similar product to price against but have yet to find their equal. The only draw back with the doors, you have to see them to believe them.

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